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We give answers to:

Do you want to change your old Windows, macOS or Linux, operating system to the latest version?

Is your computer going very slow and don't know how to solve the problem? Got a virus? Problem opening email attachments, error messages, problem printing? Your computer freezes on a regular basis?

Do you need to update your programs? Install new ones? Do you want to update your navigator (ex. Waze or Tomtom)? You want to go to a different country and want to take it with you?

You want to buy a new device and don’t know which to get? You want to know how to use the tablet or iPad? Are you taking full advantage of your new cell phone? Do you know that there are applications that could ease your daily problems?

Do you want to make video calls with your families and friends, wherever they are, free and whenever you want? Do you want to download photos from your digital camera or create digital albums? Do you want to convert your old videos to digital format? Upload videos to Youtube? Connect your hard disc or computer to a television to watch movies, photos or listen to your favorite music albums? Listen to music for free?

Almost everybody has FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM o LINKEDIN, ETC. account. Do you know how to create a profile and configure it properly? Do you want your SPOTIFY account to work? And your cloud storage with DROPBOX, GOOGLE DRIVE, ONEDRIVE, ETC.?.....

The range of our services are defined by you, our clients, because this is our sole vocation: respond to your concerns about technological issues.

Our services in the traditional way:
  • Operating system update (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • General cleaning of the operating system to improve performance.
  • Software installations (Parental Guidance Qustodio, Office, Email, Antivirus, Compressor(zip, rar, etc.))
  • Help on how to use PC and usual Windows, macOS or Linux programs.
  • Advice on buying devices.
  • Installations of Android apps or Apple apps (iPhone, iPad, etc.)
  • Update Navigator maps and operating system (ex. Waze or Tomtom, etc.)
  • Convert video tapes to digital format.
  • Private lessons (specialized in elders and children)

Do you want to keep your kids safe while using internet?

Regulate how your kids use the computer? Show them how to use technology the right way and completely safe?

Do you know that your kids could find useful informations in the internet for school work? Do you want to know how?

Do you want your kids to learn programming?

New technologies are excellent tools if they are used well!
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